Weddings & Events

SKS Grand Emerald Hall (Max Capacity 60 Pax)

This venue has an open balcony to have breezy brunches under the blue clouds or have moon light dinners. This Venue is also very sensable amongst the corporates because of its duality.

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SKS Grand Pearl Hall (Max Capacity 200 Pax)

As the name suggest this ceremony hall is the pearl of our property as it resides at the lower ground (LG) level with a vibrant and pure environment best suited to make your events memorable just like natural beautiful pearls.

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SKS Grand Palace (Max Capacity 1000 Pax)

“Facade of grandeur” is best used to describe this magnificent banquet hall with 50 feet cellings and Roman style building structure which is top priority for politician, celebrities and industrialists to host events.
A lushy lawn and a modern square is also present to help you to soak some sun while sipping on refreshing drinks.

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SKS Grand Mile Banquet (Max Capacity 1000 Pax)

This is the longest yard one could step into to seek shelter from the scorching Sun or the spontaneous thunder storms of the Brij Bhoomi while enjoying the serene garden views to host Lunches & Dinners for your cohort with ease and finesse.

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SKS Grand Park (Max Capacity 4000 Pax)

This venue will give you the experience of a dreamy oasis with a magical giant palm tree in the middle of the garden and pre-set stage to give you a good the line of sight of your guests in this garden of Eden.

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